initaitive for peace and development

The poor and needy in our society are the responsibility of all of us, our aim is to make sure that they get a fair chance in life, to ensure that they too are loved and valued and enable them to become a productive citizens and feel good about themselves and understand the warmth towards each other, which will help tarnish the walls of classes. Situations have become bad with aggregates of unemployed people those couldn't luxury a houseful of cloth. In fact the inflation made a serious trouble and put a dead-weight to these people in need. Whereas on other hand accessories etc. are in more quantity then we actually required.

We will give call for donation and fundraising at social media, and will request community to donate excessive stuff that includes clothes, shoes, books, crockery, electronics or anything etc. and by using the funds we will dry clean them and repackage them later. And then we will distribute amongst the needy by holding Bazaar e Meharbani in first week of Ramadan.

Aim of this activity will be to meet the demand of resources which may come from charity and offering to the poor or needy people. This is chance for youth and civil society to unite and provide a way of solution to community. Although there will a risk of misuse and lose of resources, but people we can engage volunteers and people to be responsive and well aware of the fact that, most vulnerable should get priority.


1. Promote Generosity in Your Children
2. Supporting a cause can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice
3. Volunteering with a charity may result in physical and social benefits
4. Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life


The sharing works of charity will have a great impact in religious point of view. Like any other religion this charitable work will be considered as a virtue in Islam and this will drive people to do more for humanity, especially in Ramadan.