Business Development Skills Training through ICT for Adolscent Girls and Women Enterpreneurs

Primary purpose of the project is to build the capacity of young women self-reliance for income generation and to improve the business development skills of women entrepreneur. As "Women Economic Empowerment" is inevitable especially in Pakistan where female population is almost 48.63 % of gross population, so by empowering women in a country means great reduction in dependence rates, reduction in violence against women, increased household income leading to increased household purchasing power resulting into an improved standard of living. This further leads to independent decision making regarding career, job selection, education, health, investment and rights.

Secondary purpose is to provide/arrange specialized trainings/skills for young women that reflects modernized world's market needs and/or personal interest as it will better position them to seek employment or to start/develop/manage their own businesses effectively.

The proposed project will be would be targeting 50 adolescent girls/women with in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad between the ages of 16 and 30 and would be giving professional trainings on Computer Network Technician, Web Design & Development, Repairs and Maintenance of Computers/Laptops, Filing of monthly/annual Tax Returns and Quick Books (Accounting Software).

The importance of computer has been widely recognized as a means to improve efficiency in business and skill development, but its application in vocational training is not fully appreciated especially for women. Rates of learning on computer are four to ten times faster than they are in classroom setting and learning retention is likely to be much higher as the Computerized courses combine written, spoken, graphic, animated and motion picture imagery to communicate concepts and illustrate applications that is not only the requirement of today’s world but it is the only way forward. So the ICT based specialized skills will be provided to young women as these can be gained in very less time and very much less effort and when they will proceed towards establishment of small homemade business it will cost them very less as well these skills will upsurge the employability chances.

Number of women will be encouraged to incorporate small scale homemade business, especially by guiding them in Identification of demand markets and introducing them to employers for jobs. So each beneficiary will be getting life-lasting skill and it will ultimately benefit number of families.