Economic Growth


Building strong private sectors and developing skilled workforces will ultimately create jobs and improve living standards of the people. Initiative for Peace and development economic growth team work with donors and beneficiaries to design and implement methodologies that focus on economic impartiality and empowerment.

Initiative for Peace and Development recognizes that communities are complex markets influenced by local factors and its programs support sustainable economic activities that develop opportunities, improve people's skills and make markets more responsive and resilient.

Under Economic Growth initiative, IPAD supports societies emerging from crisis or recovering from economic setbacks and moving towards stabilization. These projects focus on livelihoods and value chain development.

To build and strengthen Youth Workforce Development - IPAD supports Workforce Development and Youth Employment Education, in partnership with the private sector. IPAD programs support public and private sector technical training and education institutions for workforce development, ensuring that the skills of the workforce match the demands of the market.

For economic growth initiatives to be successful, the private sector must be engaged. IPAD ensures partnerships with the private sector to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its programs.