ICT For Peace
ICT For Peace & Harmony

IPAD in collaboration with PIID held conference ICT for Peace and Harmony on 28th March 2016 at NCRD Islamabad, which aimed to bring together technologists, designers, developers, Government representatives and peace practitioners (Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh etc.) on one platform to create, think and realize ideas and solutions that can be used to stop violent conflict and help build peace.

Despite of security concerns and twin cities on high alert after Lahore blast tragic incident yesterday, people still made for conference with full dedication and spirit. Event was opened by Mr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA by 10am where he shared his views on need for peace and harmony in Pakistan & how he feels that Information and communication technologies can contribute in it. He said "We all want bright future for our children, so that they can live in peaceful society, with security of lives and wealth - even around world. But sometimes few extremist minds can abuse technology and manipulate the facts, now world is changing and by using technology we can directly interact with people across globe without allowing others to use us". Mr. Ammar Jaffery (Chief Executive PIID & President PISA) added to topic his views to topic and in addition to it Miss Amber Awan (Program Manager IPAD) said "We should come up with the solutions which will bring society networks, faith-based organizations and groups, representing a wide range of stakeholders, to jointly participate in raising awareness for the using technology for the betterment of Pakistan irrespective of religion, language, ethnicity and class differences. We should talk to each other and understand each other’s point of view and respect the differences. ICTs can play a valuable role in recreating communication networks not only in terms of technical infrastructure, but also in terms of human interactions".

Mrs. Yasmeen Siraj (Head of Mass communication Dept. Margalla College) added her views and thoughts to it later and said "Media in many forms has become more powerful than ever before, it’s just that we need to create awareness amongst people that everything is not worth watching or worth sharing (at least without authentic verification), only then we can make a better wiser society".

Conference was divided in two sessions - Topics as follows; Islam & Science and what's happening globally in relation to peace and harmony. Different scholars talked on session one (Islam and science)i.e. Allama asghar askari Scholar from Majilis e wahadat muslims who said that "Islam and science are interlinked. Today we witness science is excelling in all areas e.g. technology, industry etc. which we can find in Al-Quran. He mentioned the statement of Tejatet Tejasen (Professor at the Dept. of Anatomy, Chiang Mei University, Thailand) after his study on the Quran passages dealing with embryology: "From my studies I have learnt that everything that has been recorded in the Quran 1400 years ago must be true. As that can be proved the scientific way today and science is proving it"