Malaria Awareness
malaria awarness
Malaria Awarness Campaign

Deadly malaria is on the rise and its of dire need to be conscious and keep houses clean. Malaria, though preventable and curable, causes more than 50,000 deaths each year in the country mostly in infants, children and pregnant women, which is point of concern for all of us.

Malaria traps families and communities in a downward spiral of poverty, disproportionately affecting marginalized populations and poor people who cannot afford treatment or who have limited access to health care.

Therefore, IPAD is launching two months long Karachi-wide campaign for Malaria awareness in collaboration with Catalyst, with the in-kind contributio from Abbott Pakistan, in marginalized communities to create awareness as precaution is better then cure. After Karachi IPAD, is heading towards conuyty wide Malaria Awarneess Campaign. IPAD is up to mark Malaria day on April 25th.