Feature Stories

Mohsin Sher

My name is Mohsin Sher. I am a successful entrepreneur. I belong to a business family. We have been giving zakat, atiyaat during different times of a year. Whether it is Ramadan, or any such event. My father has always been on open hearted while giving away donations. Moreover during Eid ul Azha our family sacrifices animals at a particular place and we usually used to give away meat and animal hides to anyone who asked for them.

This year my Eid had been a bit changed and I personally feel an inner peace after this Eid ul Adha as I have never felt before. There are lot of reasons behind this. Many people among me must be feeling the same. I had been invited by some representatives of IPAD who asked me to attend some sessions of “Hissa Hisay Daar ka” on Safer Charity or Animal Hides. My first impression was the same as everyone that they might also ask for animal hides but it was my good luck that I attended this session. This event was way different from routine sessions as their speakers gave a very nice briefing on animal hides. People attending those sessions were also allowed to share their views. Believe me that one hour when I heard those people’s views, it changed my life in many aspects.

On this Eid when I sacrificed animals, I took a lot of care while donating animal hides and I personally donated all the animal hides to an organization which is registered with government and it helps orphans, and old age people. I feel inner peace after donating my hides properly and I strictly asked my relatives and friends to follow the same method as it could save us from many conflicts.

Moreover biggest advantage of this session was I had to visit a hospital in which there are donation boxes which have bar codes and you can know complete history of that organization but I noticed some boxes don’t have any bar codes or names. I asked the authorities about those boxes and forced to strictly take action and remove those boxes. People also cooperated with me and I tried to spread my message there aswell and trying my level best to spread this message among as many people e as possible. .

Khadim Hussain

My name is Khadim Hussain. I am doing steel business from many years. When we are sitting in markets we don’t usually give time in looking into matters which were recently discussed in dialogue session of “Hissa Hisay Daar ka”. Everyone is in a race to earn more money, and in this race we took our eyes off from many things, which has led us to a very miserable condition in past few years.

We have never accepted or realized this fact that those people working for instability and destruction of Pakistan are very much funded by us indirectly. These dialogue sessions also focused on this topic that animal hides and money that we donate should be properly distributed and government cannot reach every single person to assure that he has donated properly. We as individuals need to perform our duty and for this we have to look into many matters. To see our country prosperous we need to take care who is getting our donations.

But sadly I will admit I had been among those responsibles who never took care while donating money or animal hides. I attended a session of "Hissa Hisay Daar ka". After listening to views and getting their message I went back to my market and gathered people of my community who didn’t attend this session and told them about safer charity. I have made a committee of 5 people from my community who will collect all donations and hides from our community and we have planned to start building a free dispensary in our area. This is very first step and gradually this will increase and now we know we are using our donations properly.

Sheikh Muhammad Naeem

I am a student of Comsats Institute of Information Technology Abbotabad. I have been living in this city for 16 years when my parents had to move from a remote village of Mansehra. I still use to visit my village to meet my ancestors and relatives who live there. Whenever I went to village, I used to judge that our village has no basic facilities like schools etc but one thing I always liked about villages was environment and surroundings. You have don’t see much of trash and garbage around which usually lacks in our cities which are full of trash all around. I used to visit Shimla hills in Abbotabad to enjoy cool breeze and weather once a month, when I saw all that trash on all the places, while scolding the responsibles I asked myself who will clean all this stuff instead of taking an initiative.

Then one day I heard that some organization is holding some event to clean Shimla hills. I also participated in that event and we were provided with gloves and garbage bags to pick up all the trash from surroundings. I along with my 50 fellows started collecting garabage and within no time sight of Shimla Hills totally changed as if no one has even thrown a wrapper over here ever. This event by Initiative for Peace and Development helped us clean our own city.

I wish everyone takes such steps and we could make our city clean.