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Initiative for Peace and Development (IPAD) works in collaboration with individuals, so they may become leaders in the peace building and promote life-long learning opportunities for all.

IPAD focused on well designed, field-proven methodologies that produce results that can be measured and replicated. A significant element of IPAD's approach is the use of skilled individuals in its offices.

While reviewing candidate's credentials for an open position, IPAD rates technical expertise, experience and education as vital requirements. In addition, IPAD seeks individuals with high degrees of integrity, reliability and team spirit. If this fits you, then you are welcome to join our team and share our success.

IPAD is committed to an energetic and diverse workforce and its staff speaks a variety of languages and represent KPK, Punjab and Sindh Provinces of Pakistan.

Initiative for Peace and Development offers competitive salary & benefit packages, as well as focusing on professional development of its staff.